What Users are Saying

At Visual Labs we take great pride in the quality of our product and customer service. Please contact us via email for inquiries or additional reference requests.
In 17 years in law enforcement, I have not worked with a more professional and customer-centric business.
Commander Andy Ellickson — Washington County, Minnesota Sheriff's Office
There is no doubt in my mind that your product is the best out there.
Chief David Ryan — Pound Ridge, New York Police Department
I think what you guys have is awesome. It’s innovative, it’s the future. Your customer service, your accessibility, the way you follow through on things, that’s meaningful to me.
Undersheriff Adam Wills — Yuma County, Colorado Sheriff's Office
This is exciting, exciting technology. We've gone away from the commonplace technology that's out there and we will be utilizing a smart device. We eliminate three devices and utilize one piece of equipment to better serve our community.
Chief Robert Ramsey — Fontana, California Police Department
Fontana PD Case Study